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Questions to Ask to Help find a Good Flooring Contractor

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1. How Quickly Can the Contractor Install my Flooring?

Find out how long you will need to wait for your new floor to be installed. The best flooring contractors have experienced crews as well as access to a lot of flooring material; all jobs should be scheduled and completed in a timely fashion.Choose a contractor that will pay close attention to the little details.

2. Does the Flooring Contractor Have Insurance?

You want new floors, and you want to be financially protected while having people work in your home. Make sure that the flooring contractor or installer you choose has all of the proper insurances, such as:
-  Workers Compensation Insurance
-  Liability Insurance
-  Auto Insurance

These insurances protect the company, and more importantly, protect you. It is always a good idea to get a copy of the insurance policy before committing to the work.

3. Does the Contractor Have a Proven Track Record?

As a homeowner, you want an established company that has been working in the field for years. It is very important to find a company that has built a solid reputation, and exhibits a good track record.

Ask the company for references! Look for testimonials! Gather information on the flooring company before you buy. When you are speaking to references, be sure to ask their feedback on: the company,  the installation crews, the sales people, the office staff.

4. How Much Does the Contractor Know About Flooring?

This is a crucial question to ask your  flooring specialist. You want someone that is knowledgeable, or that works with enough experts in the field that any question that comes to mind can be answered quickly and correctly.

Always ask questions! Questions are good because they help you know what you want and need, and they can help you find flooring companies that truly understand the products they carry. You want to be sure that the flooring contractor you choose has experience doing what you are looking for.

Make sure the contractor you choose has the crews, materials and knowledge necessary to complete your project.

5. Does Contractor Practice No Pressure Sales?

Some people may prefer to be pushed into a purchasing decision that they don’t totally want or are not quite ready for. Most people dislike this. Look through potential contractors to find one that does not practice high-pressure sales, and you will be able to make a calmer decision, that is more in line with what is actually best for you.

Finding a flooring company that offers No-Pressure Sales means you will get what you want and what is best for you, NOT what is best for the company.

6. Does Contractor Have Good Relationships with Manufacturers?

Flooring contractors that are in it for the long-haul will form lasting relationships with quality flooring manufacturers.

Good relationships with the top manufacturers provide better pricing from the flooring company, better attention with warranty claims, and best products for your home and living space.

Remember, you can always ask companies you are speaking to what brands they offer, and speak to them about their experience with each brand.

7. Does the Contractor Offer Warranties (Installation and Manufacturer)?

A good contractor will have experience dealing with manufacturers for warranties, and will be registered with the manufacturer as an authorized dealer. Some disreputable companies may sell you a product, boasting of the manufacturer’s warranty, but not telling you that if they install it the warranty will be void.

Make sure you hire a flooring company that will be with you every step of the way if there is any problem.

You should also check into what type of installation warranty the company offers. A reputable company will offer a good installation warranty, making sure to come back and fix anything if there are any mishaps from the installation. Be sure your contractor will stand behind the products they sell.

8. Does One Installer Install All Types of Flooring?

Ever heard the phrase “jack of all trades master of none”? There is truth to the saying. It is hard for someone to become an expert in something if they are constantly switching their focus.

If you ask 3 different flooring contractors how long a job should take, you will probably get 3 different answers. The better contractors will give you a confident answer that is likely the least amount of time, and will have a satisfactory explanation for how they will be able to install the flooring so quickly.

 Contractors that use dedicated installers for different floor types help you know that your new floor will go in properly, quickly, and efficiently. When someone works with one type of flooring all the time, they soon become real experts in working with that type of flooring.

Remember, you can always ask any company you are considering for flooring if they use specific crews for specific materials, or if they have one installer that does everything. You want the master of their trades, to get the quickest and best flooring installation possible.

Choose Wisely

Looking over these questions when choosing a flooring contractor will help you save time and money over the long run. These 9 questions will help you find a reputable company that will be with you for the long-haul, and help you with any issues that may or may not arise. Happy hunting!